Mobile Phones


Page 14 your skin or clothing, immediately stop using the battery and rinse with clean water thoroughly. Select the storage card. It lets you quickly communicate with those people. If you have a Bluetooth stereo headset, select the Wireless Stereo check box. Use Playlists With Playlists, you can group digital media files together in a specified order for convenient playback. Making a call from a text message A phone number in a text message appears on your device as a hyperlink that you can select to make a phone call.

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You antdata to obtain Server phone number, User name, Password, Domain and other settings, such as IP address, if required, from your network administrator.

Do not prick human body with it.

How to save a picture from a Web page 1. You can create handwritten and typed notes, record voice notes, convert handwritten notes to text for easy readability, and send notes to others.

AnyDATA ASPA overview

Page 76 How to change regional settings You can change the numbers, currency, dates, and times according to the region. You can switch between the two parties. How to choose the method of notification 1. You can do one of the following: Tap the Notifications tab. Safety Precautions Always Follow These Precautions The signs below indicate the levels of danger or damage that may occur if the particular precautions are ajydata observed.


Making a call from the Phone screen 1. Enter your e-mail address and password, and then tap Next.

Enter the message text and then tap Send. Video Mode You can set the following function by tapping Option Menu on the bottom right of the screen. How to add a custom background image You can use your own picture as the background image on the Today screen.

How to delete a Bluetooth partnership 1. Select the Prompt if device unused anyydata check box. You can sort by name, date, and size.


Page How to disconnect without ending a session 1. Page How to save a picture from a Web page 1. Tap Start, and then tap Internet Explorer. At the top of the message, tap View Signature Status. Page How to sort pictures and video clips If you store a large number of pictures or video clips on your device, you may find it helpful to sort them to quickly find a specific picture or clip.

AnyDATA ASP-505A – Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility

Enables Bluetooth and sets the device to visible mode. There will be a difference on the version between the copied files on your device and PC. In the Event field, scroll to and tap one of the following: Select the desired theme on the Appearance tab and tap ok. You can also create bulleted and numbered lists and insert hyperlinks to Web sites. View a Space from Contacts If you chose to merge duplicate contacts with Outlook during the Windows Live or Messenger setup, you can visit the Windows Live Space of a Messenger contact by using the device contact list.


Page 72 How to choose the method of notification 1. Page 87 Then enter your name, address, telephone number, etc. Using Phone Features 4. Select contacts stored in the device that you want to copy to RUIM card.

Adjust the device volume 1.

Tap keys on the keyboard to enter text.