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This page has been accessed 55, times. I have tried to extract firmware from the original emBDA. Thanks a lot to Markus Rechberger who did develop this driver. But since end of march there is a working linux driver. I got my soldering iron and took the beast apart. Retrieved from ” https:

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I use Kaffeine for dvb-t tv watching and the device is correctly found a through its frontend the Zarlink zl We are amazed that a company has managed to make a television tuner this small.

Usbb since end of march there is a working linux driver. Here are the pictures: Views Read View source View history. It’s a good option, but one that does put a strain on your system. Intel’s all-new next-gen processors will be ready this time next year. Xxs from ” https: Successfully created frontends, demuxer, dvr and net.

This device has a hybrid analog and digital tuner dvb-tanalog teletext, a remote control similar to the XXS and analog input for acquisition from analog video standard s-video and audio stereo source through RCA connectors. Plug the device in to a spare USB2.

TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS – LinuxTVWiki

Pocket-lint looks at a solution that might just let you catch that cheeky episode of Neighbours when you’re out and about. For the on the road traveller it means you can catch a cheeky episode of Neighbours in the car.


The best monitor On the bigger integrated on the middle: The software has a very Microsoft Windows Media Center approach to it and it’s a doddle to use.

The file was create but I would like to know if it is normal that perl script always “runs out of data”. Verdict We are amazed that a company has managed to make a television tuner this small.

Those looking for encrypted or scrambled channels will also be disappointed as you won’t be able to find them, but then you get the feeling this handy USB TV tuner isn’t about that, it’s about giving you television on the move as long as you can get a cinerty reception.

Rather than come with a ropey bit of software from which to access the television from, Terratec has opted to team up with Cyberlink, the makers of PowerCinema 4. I have an ubuntu lts I started channel scan, but the app is doing something I don’t think streaming. All others are under the shieldings.

This page has been accessed 55, times.

Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS USB TV Tuner

Apple Mac Mini review: Unfortunatly, I could not find an Linux driver for this beast by Januar An understated laptop with plenty of gaming grit. The little sx with the yellow spot first part of the 3rd line is partially unreadable: This page was last modified on 24 Octoberat With latest update of v4l-dvb drivers dated 2 Julyworks better.


The version with usb identifier 0ccd: As long as there is plenty of space on your hard drive you can opt to use the Time Shifting function, cinerggy this works in the same way as any PVR, by allowing you to pause and then rewind live television.

Well there is no audio-out socket for you to channel the sound to cinerby external speaker system and hard of hearing customers will also be disappointed that there is no teletext subtitle support either. For those not so upwardly mobile, if you are short of space or just need to record television for screen grabs and the like, this is top notch.

The only chip I could see was a Zarlink ZL