Thanks a lot for your time. Let us examine the data set as a Dataset object. I ‘d like to do strong coupling between applications different applications, different processes without being too intrusive into the applications. Get the current dataspace from the data on disk. It depends on whether you have many small files or a small number of large files.

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In reply to this post by Giraudon Cyril. You can use them interchangeably. To extend it to any format, write a class subclassing trackpy. I think the rest of the post without performance complaints is strong enough to stand on its own. We have a well-defined set of data we need to keep, including intermediate processing steps. Yes, I do know about docx and zip.

To create this file, read Appendix: We can get by just fine with: H5Ldelete will fail and return an error if there’s no link with the hdff5 name. This version has a known bug which prevents it from working in some cases with newer versions of HDF5.

How do you stream data to a HDF5 file? – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Free forum by Nabble. Specifying a full path works just fine:.


It’s Herculean getting it working on all systems bug free. Of course they do You can easily see where this can go bad; you will have to take extraordinary care. However, if you’d like to work on a patch for opening a file from a memory buffer, I’d be happy to work with you on how I think you should proceed, etc.

HDF5 file as a binary stream ?

If the file continues to get bigger, you probably have open IDs to the datasets, which is preventing them from being removed from the file until the file is closed or the application exits. Message 1 of 7. Using the the new dataspace, write your data to disk.

I have to ask though, why not just make a cached file of your data and onces its done, integrate into the final HDF file? Hello, I have read HDF5 files can be in-memory structure.

To the author’s credit, he posted his benchmarking code so we could try it ourselves.

Can’t think of a common programming language which doesn’t support saving bit-accurate copies of floats in a contiguous buffer. For example, a “simpler format” that works well on distributed architectures, well Hex-formatted floats have the further advantage of being extremely fast to print and parse compared with decimals: Filesystems are the worst!


In the former case, one file approach HDF5 makes sense. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I did not find a way to firstly delete such item and then create a new item. Hi Xunlei, On Mar 5,at 1: This opens an HDF5 file.

Strictly proprietary technology which gives a real competitive advantage.

Funny enough, we started out with a file-based system like the one you described, and moved to an HDF5-based system. But HDF is not a simple file format, so expect some overhead.

If you want portable format, you either have to use text, specify endianess in the format specification or store endianess in the file.

Our method is to make a copy of the file with a. I only remove the group item, but seems the file size is keep getting bigger.