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Find More Posts by junior h. Its the most retarted looking thing ive seen. The following errors occurred with your submission. I think anyone with those stickers is jerking it way too much, trying too hard to be “jdm”. Find More Posts by sKwiD.

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JDM Soshinoya Badges (New Driver)

Btw the description above is the real meaning. Find More Posts by mrtrinh. Originally Posted by dru I just wanted to give my opinion on it, that’s all.

Zoshinoya is up with JDM Soshinoya new driver badge??? I mean comon what matches with yellow and teal???

jvm Those stickers annoy the hell out of me. This is an emblem for a driver with more experience in Japan and called a “Silver Mark”.

JDM Driver Badge 2 Pack Suction Magnetic Window Decal Wakaba Soshinoya

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Its to warn ppl that he is a new driver so stay away from him cuz you might get hit from an inexperienced driver Quote message in reply? I didn’t mean to offend anyone.


Find More Posts by junior h.

Find More Posts by Christian Calim. They used to be cool stickers, but the meaning has gotten distorted by all the wannabes. Beginer driver “wakaba” badge: Find More Posts by sKwiD. If you like it, then great.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Find More Posts by burke Why would you want other people to know you can’t drive?

Find More Posts by widegts. It’s called “Shosinn-sha-emblem” in Japanese.

What is up with JDM Soshinoya (new driver badge)??? – Honda Civic Forum

Find More Posts by dru I bet if you ask 10 people 9 of them dont know the meaning behind the badge, the one will be able to tell you the true meaning. Might as well make a thread about overplayed AEM stickers or tow hooks or body kits just because one persons taste is another persons displeasure Find More Posts by buckshizzo.

It’s a personal taste thing. Yea, it’s all personal preference. My buddy confirmed this after he came back from japan visiting his gf parents.


Originally Posted by buckshizzo. WTF is the point of this thing?? Find More Posts by slowwhitecivic.

The driver must give their way to the vehicle on the road with this emblem by the traffic law. Find More Posts by LTever. Find More Posts by TurismoDreamin. Find More Posts by sl33pyriceboi.